The shared thoughts and artwork of Cynthia Morgan.

Cynthia is a visiting artist from Lowell, MA. Her work will be on exhibit at the Melrose Arts Festival from April 26-28, 2013.

Greek Isle

Q. What does Art mean to you?

Art to me is a relaxing way of expressing myself.

Q. Many of your paintings include water? Does that hold a specific meaning to you?

Water has so many different feelings to it. It s forever changing – calm and quiet to angry and fierce.

Nantucket Dream

Q. How long have you been an artist for?

I started painting 33 years ago but with a growing family, my painting took a hiatus for much of that time. I picked up a brush again a few years ago and realized how much I missed it and this past year I have made up for time lost.

Q. What role did art play in your life as a child?

Creativity was always encouraged in my family as I was growing up and I enjoyed doing crafts, writing poems, sewing and drawing. Both my mother and grandfather were artists also.

Mirrored Worlds I

Q. What role does your current surroundings play in your paintings?

Since moving to Lowell a little over a year ago, I’ve found a very artistic community. Everyone I’ve met has been very encouraging and helpful.

Q. How do you hope your paintings are interpreted?

I would like people to look at my paintings and remember a special time or place in their life.

Heart of the Lakes

Q. Do you have a favorite painting? Why does this piece hold an importance to you?

It s hard to call one painting my favorite. They all feel like they are such a part of me but if I had to choose one it would be  Nantucket Dreams . This was a picture my husband and I took on a special anniversary weekend . It was also the first painting I finished after moving to Lowell a little over a year ago.

Q. What is your current work about? What are you trying to explore and how has that evolved since you started?

Most of my artwork has been paintings of landscapes from pictures I love. I’m comfortable with this type of painting subject but recently I ve started to expand and push myself in a different area I consider  New Age . I m hoping it will be well accepted.

Beacon of LoveAutumn Tranquility