The shared thoughts and artwork of Beverly Hinckley.

Beverly is a visiting artist from Wakefield, MA. Her work will be on exhibit at the Melrose Arts Festival from April 26-28, 2013.

Beverly Hinckley _001

Q. What does Art mean to you?

Art means a freedom of expression from the soul. It allows me to respond to my emotions, events I am involved in, or sights I have witnessed in an expressive and non-regular way. I can play with color, fabric, texture and form to my heart’s content. Inspiration is all around me and everything stays fluid!
Q. How long have you been creating textile designs through quilting for? Did someone specifically teach you?
I have been creating textile designs that sometimes utilize found objects since I was a child. I always collected bits of nature at my summer home in Canada such as wood with appealing form, shells, fish bones, leaves and flower; or pieces of fabric or metal that had wonderful color and texture – to create collage. About 10 years ago I got into traditional quilting – but it was never free enough and far too repetitive – so I began to work in free-form design – clothes, art pieces, purses.
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Q. What inspires your designs?
I get a lot of inspiration from my friends and family, and my dear quilting group, and recently the other artists of the new Mystic Art Gallery in Medford. I’m learning a lot from them. I am also influenced by the Impressionists and Ethnic forms. I recently moved to Wakefield near the lake and the many shapes and colors of water are inspirational. My garden is always an inspiration. It is beautiful in summer or winter and the constant changing landscapes are fabulous. I remember one morning it was frigid, but it had rained the night before. Just as the sun rose over the garden, the light was refracted into a million tiny rainbows. Inspiration!!
Beverly Hinckley _005
Q. What influences the fabrics and colors chosen in your quilt designs?
I have no formal art training, so my theory of color is simple: if I put any to colors together and they don’t make my stomach quiver – they work! Much of my work is simply playing with color, shape and layering. I do the same thing in my garden – I am constantly moving plants to create landscapes within the landscape so everywhere one looks there is a beautiful “scene”. I go to all the quilt shoes and museums to see what inspires other artists, collect photos and rip pictures and bits of astounding color from magazines or catalogs. Many times I sit and look through my collection to put ideas together in new ways.
 Beverly Hinckley _008
Q. What is your creative process? How long does each quilt take to complete?
My creative process varies with my idea. I think: I wonder how those forms would look together, and then I start pulling fabrics out of my myriad piles. I use a lot of hand painted batik fabric which includes beautiful shapes and designs that I incorporate into my layouts. I will put something together and then walk away for a couple of days – often to return and move everything around. I use my grandmother’s lace and crocheted pieces, buttons, bits of interesting metal and beads – really anything with an appealing shape or texture.
 Beverly Hinckley _006
Q. How do you relate to your artwork? Is it a reflection of your personality or mood when creating one?
I think textile is my unique art form in that it incorporates texture and minute variations of color or pattern that are natural in fabric. “Painting” with fabric is less stressful for me! But I recently discovered what I innately knew; that my work evolves with my mood. Many times I go back to a piece that didn’t please me and revisit the idea. A whole new piece evolves with my state of mind.
Beverly Hinckley _003
 Q. Is there anything else you would like to share?
I have been doing art shows for over 10 years – I started in Canada – and over time got the confidence to apply for shows around here. I do a lot of commission quilting – both regular patterns and those I create myself. As I explore and create, I continue to learn how much is truly possible. The whole process feeds my soul!
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The shared thoughts and artwork of Penelope Young.

Penelope is a local artist from Melrose, MA. Her work will be on exhibit at the Melrose Arts Festival from April 26-28, 2013.

Penelope Young_005

Q. How long have you been sewing?  Who taught you?

I have been sewing since I was twelve.  I have always loved fabric.  Before I learned to sew, I used to make Barbie clothes out of my mom’s left over fabric from her sewing projects.  It was always just cutting the fabric and wrapping it around the dolls.  I took Home Economics in middle school and that was the best.  I loved it.

Q.  What influences the colors and patterns you decide to use?

I am influenced by the world around me.

Penelope Young_001

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The shared thoughts and artwork of Tarja Cockell.

Tarja is a visiting artist from North Andover, MA. Her work will be on exhibit at the Melrose Arts Festival from April 26-28, 2013.

Tarja Cockelle_002

Q. What inspired you to work with silk as an artistic medium?

With silk colors merges smoothly, it is just like in watercolor painting. There are always some surprises, how the colors and patterns end up after the dyeing process and that inspires me.

 Q. What is your artistic process?

My work is about layers. I start with white silk, which I fold in different ways and dye with a shaped-resist shibori technique to form the patterns. After the dyeing process I create the composition of the piece from several different fabrics using layering techniques. This is when the concept of the image starts to emerge. Sometimes I enhance the shapes and the textures with additional stitching. My work is a process and the end result only presents itself after the layers of fabrics are in place. The final image and meaning are for the viewer to discover.

Tarja Cockelle_004

Q. Can you provide us some background regarding the silk used?

I mix different kinds of silks, which I hand-dye. For layering I use transparent silk organza to give dimension to my work.

Q. How would you describe your artistic style?

My work is contemporary. The motifs vary from abstract to representational. My images are suggestive and simplified just bringing up the essence of the forms.

Tarja Cockelle_001

Q. How is your artwork a reflection of you?

My artwork is affected by my Scandinavian roots. I studied textiles and design majoring in weaving in Finland. I am drawn to simplicity of the composition and design.

Q. What importance does your artwork hold in your life?

Textile arts have always been part of my life. I want to challenge myself to create work that shows beauty in nature and essential shapes of objects.

Tarja Cockelle_003

Q. What words of wisdom can you share with aspiring artists?

Work on art and in a media that excites and inspires you. Be true to yourself.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to share?

I will show my silk collages and hand-dyed scarves at Melrose Arts Festival. In April I also have a solo show with my woven and mixed media pieces at Concord Art Association Members Gallery.

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