The shared thoughts and artwork of Becky Maung.

Becky is a visiting artist. Her work will be on exhibit at the Melrose Arts Festival from April 26-28, 2013.

Becky Maung_002

Q. How did you learn to create art through string? How did it evolve?

I was first inspired to create art using string after seeing a 3 foot 3D string sculpture in an office lobby in Cambridge.  The design appeared to flow; it looked simple with point to point straight lines creating curves and direction.  My first 3D string art project was 20 feet long, made from 12 – 2X4’s and over 300 feet of EL wire.  It was my second art installation at Burning Man in Nevada.  I then began to work on smaller 2D art using card stock and colorful, shimmering threads.  At first the designs were simple string art shapes that became more complex by incorporating several simple string art shapes into one design.  I also hand sew designs into shapes inspired by nature – like trees, snowflakes and stars.

Becky Maung_003

Q. What types of materials do you use to create your designs?

My 2D string art is mostly created using thread sewn to cardstock.  I also use EL wire sewn to canvas.

Q. What is El Wire? And how do you incorporate it into your designs?

Put simply electroluminescent wire (EL wire, neon wire or glow wire) is battery powered string that lights up.  It is a copper wire core with phosphor and a colored PVC coating that is flexible enough to be bent, but not folded, into shapes.  When lit in the dark it glows presenting colorful images and designs.

Becky Maung_001

Q.  Some of your designs appear to glow, how is this possible?

EL wire is used in many of my clothing designs and a some of my 2D string designs.  The EL wire is shaped and battery powered.

Q.  Are your designs created organically while working or are the patterns mapped out in advance?

The designs always begin on paper.  I will sketch out a picture, shape or geometric design and can draw it many times over to figure out how to portray it using straight lines – a single straight line or intersecting straight lines or crossing straight lines.  I then transfer the design to the paper

Becky Maung_004